About us


The-Box Development provides software development and consulting services. The company was established in 1992.


Over the years we've developed a wide range of software, from DOS TSR programs and Xenix device drivers via graphical display drivers and Ethernet drivers to modules for VOIP PABX and enterprise Java software in numerous programming languages.


The companies' current focus is embedded software development and embedded hardware design consultancy.


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Services we provide are:

  • consultancy for embedded software design
  • custom Flowcode components and flow charts
  • embedded software (multiple programming languages)
  • hardware design
  • hardware design consultancy


We have the facilities to create (mill) and populate simple PCBs in house for fast turn around while designing prototypes.

5. Assembled production PCB

3. milled prototype

4. Assembled prototype

1. Schematic design

2. PCB design

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The-Box Development

D.D. Eisenhowerstraat 74

9728RX Groningen



E-mail: info(at)tbdev(dot)nl


Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration: 06068105